A Comparison of Fertilizer Flow Monitors

If you’re in the market for a new fertilizer flow monitor, you’ve probably heard about the Pattison Liquid Fertilizer Monitor. You’ve also probably heard about the AgXcel GX7d row monitoring solution. Now you’re ready to find out which model works best for you. Read on for a comparison of these three types of fertilizers, and learn more about how they work.

Pattison Liquid Fertilizer Monitor

If you are in the market for a liquid fertilizer flow monitor, you have come to the right place. Pattison Liquid Systems Inc. is a leading manufacturer of fertilizer equipment. Rick Pattison and his brother Larry founded Pattison Bros. Agro Ltd. in 1979 and have continued to manufacture high-quality liquid fertilizer equipment to meet the needs of farmers and other applicators.

This monitor is designed to measure the rate at which fertilizer is applied to a row of crops. It also allows for visual monitoring of liquid fertilizer and herbicide flow rates, as it shows when a nozzle is plugged up by as little as ten percent. There are no mechanical parts to break or wear out, and it is made in the USA. Its large rotary switch makes it easy to choose the functions that are most important. The unit includes triple counters for volume and area and calibration keys. It is compatible with existing speed sensors on seeding equipment.

AgXcel GX7d Row Monitoring Solution

The GX7D Intelligent Liquid Monitoring System has the ability to detect every row, ensuring proper flow at all times. It measures flow in gallons per acre and ounces per minute, and provides an alert when the required rate is not being met. Flow rate is not monitored in floating balls, but it allows the user to manually adjust thresholds and spikes to ensure optimal performance.

The row monitoring system can monitor up to 196 rows, and is fully integrated with a tractor. It features a tablet for the operator to view the flow data on, and can export the data to a desktop computer for analysis. The GX7D is a completely self-contained solution that utilizes an AgXcel Multiflow Magnetic Flowmeter, which is specially designed for precision liquid fertilizer application systems.

CDS-John Blue VisaGage II

If you’re trying to measure fertilizer flow rate accurately, the CDS-John Blue VisaGage II is the right choice for you. This fertilizer flow monitor is inexpensive, easy to install, and comes with four interchangeable flow meter assemblies. Most CDS-John Blue VisaGage II parts are interchangeable with other brands in the market. The monitor’s chemical resistance is a result of its plastic construction and use of Viton o-rings. It also banks several flow monitors for spraying applications.

Its multiple selectable orifices allow easy orifice changes without spilling any liquid. There are no individual orifice plates to maintain, as one disk is permanently installed in the system. The rows of hoses with up to twelve feeding sprayer nozzles are easy to adjust. The orifice selector system enables quick and easy orifice selection, even without removing the hoses. Flow metering is also easy with the VisaGage II, as its cap rotates to adjust or change orifice.